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Let us first get to understand what a CRA review is. It is simply a request by the authorities to you asking for additional information regarding your income, assets, and expenses. This is faster and at times more effective than an audit which takes a lot of time and involves greater scrutiny in your life. It may happen that our income tax documents shall select at random. They can select for asking for more details if a discrepancy is detected in the figures cited by you and between the ones cited by other parties such as your employer. For instance, you may have said that your income is $100000 while your employer says that your income is $150000. In such cases, a problem can certainly arise and a CRA review shall be initiated.

CRA Audit Case in Toronto

Whatever the case, you can have help during a CRA Audit Review as well in the form of CRA audit review assistance. At the FinTex Gurus, we provide you reliable and affordable help during these times. We have many years of experience in this field of work such as representing like cases before the CRA, governmental agencies and WSIB. Our professional shall help you in audit reviews, corporate tax return audit, business audit, WSIB audit, HST audit, quote relevant sections, preparation and submission of a comprehensive report, table of contents, discussion of issues, statement of issues, and application attachment for support of claims.

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